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大衛布蘭克斯(David Brenkus)是一名藝術家,在三藩市得杜伯賽三角(Duboce Triangle)住了逾34年,更在那裡開設了自己的工作室。近來一年,他一直在支持反對著新業主強制驅離。現時的三藩市,也出現租金愈來愈貴,房地產 的炒賣愈來愈瘋狂的情況。這令弱勢群體,包括基層居民,少數族裔移民,非洲裔美國人和基層藝術家等群體不斷面對迫遷,眾多的社區面臨瓦解。因此,我們希望 越洋聲援同我地面對同樣情況的居民,讓他們得以維持他們的家,社區和生活。

David Brenkus is an artist who has been living in Duboce Triangle, San Francisco for the last 34 years. For the past months, he has been struggling against eviction by his new landlord, which has become a common scene for tenants in San Francisco, due to ever skyrocketing rent and property speculation. It has serve impact upon grassroots communities. We want to support David’s struggle, because we see many commonality between our struggle for housing right and human dignity over profit. We hope that David and other tenants will be able to keep their home, community and livelihood.


Anti-Eviction Mapping Project: http://www.antievictionmap.com/harshawats/

「沒有錢 舊金山將成鬼島一座」(蘋果日報2016.2.10):http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/new/20160210/793562/

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